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Avdhoot Baba Shivanandji Maharaj

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Avdhoot Baba Shivananad, fondly recognized as “Baba ji” is the father of Indian healing. He started his spiritual practices when he was only 8 years old after getting a called from a great Himalayan yogi 108 Jagannath Swami. After attaining his self, he decided to spread his knowledge to each and every individual across the world. He got popularity within very less time and today he is assumed as an embodiment of divine wisdom and unconditional love. Since the childhood of Pujya Avdhoot Baba Shivanandji Maharaj, he was passionate about realism of God and keep on searching the ultimate truth of his life.  He born Tarak Nath Ghosal, was a Hindu spiritual leader and a direct disciple of Ramakrishna, who became the second president of the Ramakrishna Mission. His devotees refer to him as Mahapurush Maharaj (Great Soul). Shivananda and Subodhananda were the only direct disciples of Ramakrishna to be filmed. He was a Brahmajnani (“knower of Brahman or the Supreme Being”).[1] Shivananda introduced the celebration of the birthdays of his brother-monks. He was known to have laid the foundation stone of Shri Ramakrishna Temple at Belur Math, which was designed by Swami Vijnanananda. Shivananda was born in the village of Barasat in Bengal. His father was Ramakanai Ghoshal, a pious Brahmin who had a substantial income as a lawyer. He was a follower of Tantra in his personal life. He and his first wife Vamasundari Devi, the mother of Tarak, provided free boarding and lodging to twenty five to thirty poor students.[2] Ramkanai also knew Ramakrishna personally, as he used to visit Dakshineswar on matters of business. After completing his school studies, Tarak took up a job with Mackinnon Mackenzie in Calcutta to help his father. Avdhoot Baba Shivanand Ji is a charismatic personality. This worthy disciple of Siddhagurus is ardently carrying on his crusade against the darker forces of pain and suffering, at all levels. His teachings do not reflect any elitism that’s why they are of immense help to the society. His presence has a cathartic effect. Babaji graced numerous people and those who got his grace were overwhelmed with his sagacious wisdom on basic facts of human life.

From the very childhood Babaji had a strong passion for God realisation. This unceasing and overwhelming desire led Babaji to the ultimate union with Divine Bliss. Immersed in God realisation, blessed with the divine healing powers, overflowing with love, grace and compassion Babaji is guiding the humankind to use the divine energy to lead a complete and balanced life ultimately reaching their divine destiny i.e. the Union with the Infinite. Our destiny can change by practicing the Siddha ways of meditation through Babaji’s guidance and grace. The Siddha lineage, born of Siddhagurus and pursued with missionary zeal by Avdhoot Baba Shivanand Ji, takes upon itself to peep into the internal orifices of beings in order to rectify the errors here-to-fore overlooked. Avdhoot Baba Shivanand Ji has dedicated his life to the noble endeavor of spreading sacred and pragmatic legacy of Siddhagurus to all corners of the world.

Ramakrishna’s influence

Tarak saw Ramakrishna for the first time at the house of Ramchandra Dutta in May 1880. A few days later he went to Dakshineswar to visit Kali Temple; from then he began to practise intense prayer and meditation under Ramakrishna’s guidance. He later wrote “I have not yet come to a final understanding whether he [Ramakrishna] was a man or a superman, a god or the God Himself, but I have known him to be a man of complete self-effacement, master of the highest renunciation, possessed of supreme wisdom, and the supreme incarnation of love. Tarak continued to visit Dakshineswar till Ramakrishna fell ill and was brought, first to the Shyampukur house and then later to the Cossipore Garden House. In Cossipore, Tarak joined with others including Narendranath Dutta, later known as Swami Vivekananda, to serve Ramakrishna. After the death of Ramakrishna in 1886, the small group of direct disciples who decided to embrace monastic life gathered round in a dilapidated house in Baranagar; Tarak was one of the first to settle there. Thus began the Baranagar monastery of the Ramakrishna Math.


Power to Change Your Destiny

Avdhoot Baba Shivanand have been receiving a lot of letters at Ashram, from people seeking healing. Telling me how they are suffering in their lives be it their health, profession or family. Today I promise you that I will talk about this life and try to unfold its secrets, so that once you leave this hall you are clear as to what life is and how you should live this life. All our scriptures the Shastras and Vedas are the best management books. They are comparatively more compact and complete than modern education books. I was in Bangalore and a lot of people belonging to different communities and working in industries came and met me. They spoke about recession and its ill effects on the country. And how the people were closing down their businesses. Overall they were suffering. They had all come for my blessings believing I would give them some locket or bhabhoot that would alter their fortunes. The first thing I told them was low of nature. If you understand the fundament al law of nature, Then you cannot do anything wrong. If you ignore the law of nature it can lead you to trouble. And the basic law is ‘healthy people make healthy industries’. Vice versa, sick people make sick industries. So you jot down on a piece of paper whether you are a healthy or sick person. Healthy people make healthy nation and sick people make sick nation. In the same vein, healthy people make healthy society and sick people make sick society. Everything good is collectively good for people. So you have to analyze and see what we are and how we are. World Health Organisation has released a new definition of a healthy person. Now according to WHO, a healthy person means anyone who is healthy physically, mentally and spiritually. Hence if anyone is healthy physically, mentally and spiritually, he is considered a healthy person.

First we must ascertain whether these three things exist in us. Now today the society is worried about children, particularly the youth. Are we imparting these three things as a culture? Are we inculcating these habits in children to make sure they are healthy physically and mentally? Are we taking them towards the spiritual side? Mind you, there is difference between spirituality and religion. So don’t get confused. If I say inculcate the feeling of spirituality in children, suddenly I find some Amma taking her teenage son to temple everyday in order to inculcate spirituality in her son. No, not that. If you want to accomplish some thing, you have to pay a price got it. This is a major thumb rule of nature. Nothing comes for free in this universe. In some way or the other you have to pay a price to achieve whatever you want to achieve. In case you want to remain physically healthy you are required to pay a price even for that. The price is in form of physical exercises. Tell me, are you regularly doing exercises such as morning walk, jogging or practicing Yoga or Pranayama? If you are not doing any of these you are not paying the price. And if you are not paying the price, are you going to be healthy?

Health is necessarily not confined to only physiological aspects of our body. There is more to it. Rather it is factored in three-pronged sequence. The three essential components of health are healthy mind, healthy body and healthy spirituality. By saying healthy spirituality I mean strong spiritual moorings. As I said earlier health is a multi dimensional phenomena. It is closely interlinked with its three corresponding parts. To start with, mind is the most pivotal part in entire scheme of things. Above all, mental part connects with your thought process. Food for mind is also very important. In our Shastras they call it Swadhyay. Swadhyay is reading the divine scriptures everyday. After reading the positive scriptures, the positivity of the mind increases and it becomes healthier. Healthy mind on its part, leads to an advanced spiritual state. Thus, when you meditate deeply you inculcate this feeling of spirituality in you. To put it more clearly, healthy mind, healthy body and sound spirituality together make a healthy individual. Any nation, where people are practicing these three things will have a healthy society. Because if people are healthy, the nation becomes healthy. If they become healthy their organizations become healthy.

As a sanyasi I must talk about the mantras. I will tell you how the mantras are relevant in the life. But first I will explain you what are the mantras and their relevance especially they were created in first place. Once you go into spirituality, you will find mantras there. In Geeta Krishna says, “Among all the Yagnas the Mahayagna is Mantrayagna. If you recite a mantra that is Mahayagna, God of that Mahayagna is myself. I am the Devtaa of Mahayagna.”Various types of mantras are mentioned in our scriptures. The Vedic Mantras, the Tantrik Mantras, Sabar Mantras and Aghor Tantras etc. basically what happens when you recite a mantra; for example take up the mantra Om Namah Shivay and you go on reciting Om Namah Shivay. After some time you find that your energy level is rising. And you begin to experience thedivine energy of Shiva. But what is the basic phenomenon that takes place? The answer is everyhuman being has five bodies. The physical body-Annamayakosha, the bioplasmic body- Pranamayakosha, the mind body – Manomayakosha, the intellectual body- Gyanamayakosha, the cosmic body-Anandmayakosha. If you see these five bodies the Mann or Manomayakosha lies at the centre. Every thought that comes in the mind creates energy. This energy makes you Mind body. If positive thoughts are coming then you have a very beautiful mind body. But if anyone is preoccupied with thoughts of resentment, anger and jealousy—for instance lot of people are in the habit of saying that everyone is jealous of me. If such types of thoughts are recurringrepeatedly in your mind, inevitably they would constitute a very ugly body. Saints can see the difference in the energy bodies. It’s a thought process. Our elders especially Siddhas were very intelligent. They knew if they did not give Mantra Diksha to ordinary human being, then he would be perpetually busy with negative thoughts and mundane negative feelings like resentment, jealousy, hatred, etc. which in turn would generate negative energy. Therefore in order to control these people, the Siddhas gave them positive mantras. So that if a person is reciting that mantra continuously his mind body would be controlled. He will exude positive energy. At this point I would like to reveal a very interesting phenomena. Every thought that comes in your mind has a specific shape, color and fragrance. If someone is engrossed in negative thoughts he will display negative traits like ugly appearance, darker negative color and foul smell. On contrary, if someone is thinking positively all the time, he will have pleasant personality emitting attractive odor and fair color. Subconsciously all the energy bodies around you reflect the state of your thoughts. Or they are a creation of your own thoughts. Once you are absolutely saturated with a particular energy, a stage comes when the same energy would manifest in the form of physical reality. Primarily because everything originates from the mind body. If it is very positive and divine thought, you will enter the Gyanamayakosha as your thoughts will move upwards. Once you get the ultimate Gyana of the God you start experiencing the ultimate bliss paving your way for Anandmaykosha.

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