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Kalyan Swami

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Kalyan Swami (1636–1714) was a noted 17th-century swami. Though Shree Samarth Ramdas Swami and a hermit and a proficient disciple Shree Kalyan Swami were separate by body, they were persons of superhuman power internally united. Shree Kalyan Swami devoted himself in the feet of Shree Samarth entirely. This pair of mentor and disciple is a peak of Indian culture. The place of Hanuman in Ramayan the same part is played by Shree Kalyan Swami in the biography of Shree Samarth Ramdas Swami.
Shree Kalyan Swami is called Patta_Shishya of Shree Samarth Ramdas Swami.


Early life

A person by name Krushnajipant Kulkarni of Bhagur village who was Deshastha Rugvedi Brahmin and his clan was Kaushik who was married and gave birth to a child but by misfortune his wife and the child died in a short period. By this incident the at best of his youth Krishnajipant left for pilgrimage after disposal of belongings of the village. After visiting many places of plgrimage he arrived at Kolhapur for a glimpse of Mahalakshmi and lived there in the worship of Goddess. Every day, he reads the holy scripture Durgasaptashati.
There was one gentleman Barawajipant Kulkarni in Kolhapur. His sister had to be married. He was anxious of it. By priamass Krishnajipant and Barawajipant met. Krishnajipant accepted request of Barwajipant and agreed to marry his sister named Rakhmabai. Besides it he expressed his desire of pilgrimage after sometime. Accordingly, marriage ceremony of Krishnajipant and Rakhumabai took place.
With blessings of Ambabai of Kolhapur the married couple gave birth to a son who was named Ambaji. The birthyear of Ambaji may be 1636. The second son born after Ambaji was named Dattatreya. They have one sister as referenced in some places.
After some years of marriage life Krishnajipant left for pilgrimage. Afterwords he became ascetic in Kashi. His mention is not available in after history. Afterwards these sons and their mother came to brother’s home.


Arrival of Shree Samarth Ramdas Swami in Kolhapur and Meeting of Mentor and Disciple

Generally it was year 1645. After 12 years’ travel and pilgrimage of India Shree Samarth Ramdas Swami returned to his workland. After 12 years’ pilgrimage Shree Samarth has decided something and the decision was of Dharmasansthapana (Updation of Dharma).

There has been his discources in various places to lead the society to religious and right path. With bright speech, harsh asceticism, deep study, succulent narration etc. a huge crowd was present at discourses(Kirtans). The same discourses were going on in Kolhapur also. Brawajipant was also present to hear these discourses. He decided to become disciple of this holy man Shree Samarth. He requested Shree Samarth for this purpose. Shree Samarth also agreed to give his favour(Anugrah) after his evaluation.

Shree Samarth Ramdas Swami came to the house of Bawajipant on decided day. There was auspicious atmosphere in the house. There were festoons and rangoli in the house. Barwajipant was mostly delighted on the arrival of Shree Samarth. Shree Samarth made Barawajipant disciple by giving him favour(Anugrah). Barwajipant requested Shree Samarth to accept teachers fees(GuruDakshina) as atradition. But Shree Samarth wanted nothing as he valued gold and soil at the same rate. He refused. But Barwajipant insisted and requested him so much. Then Shree Samarth said if you want to give then give me Ambaji for purpose of Shreeram. Samarth asked Ambaji about his religious work. Samarth being impressed by the beautiful handwriting of the boy Ambaji, he requested that the boy be given to him.


Samarth Suffering from Pain

Shree Kalyan Swami was the chief disciple of Shri Samarth Ramdas Swami. One day, in order to put the latter to the test, Shree Samarth Ramdas Swami did a miracle. He called together all his disciples and showed them a great swelling on his thigh from which he was suffering much pain, and he told them that if any, of them would suck the matter from it he would recover, but otherwise he would die. All professed great sympathy, but as he called on them one by one to perform this service, “they all with one accord began to make excuses.”

But when he came to Shree Kalyan Swami and asked if he were willing, this disciple replied that he had made an offering of his life to him and therefore he would do anything. Then he applied -his lips to the swelling, uncovered the cloth on swelling. As he did so instead of the lump there was a large and sweet mango !

Everyone was astonished, and Shree Kalyan Swami became chief of the disciples.

Samarth Ramdas Swami and Kalyan Swami

From a young age, Ambaji had been a devoted disciple of Sri Samarth Ramadas, a renowned saint of Maharashtra. The Master was very happy with the way his disciple was progressing spiritually. Day and night. He had great devotion for Shree Rama. His heart yearned for the Lord’s darshan. Samarth Ramadas Swami knew about this. He also knew that Ambaji was a worthy vessel, fit to receive a vision of the Lord Ambaji immersed himself in service to the Guru. Although Shree Samarth Ramdas Swami tested him in many difficult situations, he never failed, and was therefore often held up as an example before the others. Eventually, Ambaji became the favorite disciple of Samarth.

Shree Samarth Ramdas Swami started Rathyatra of Lord Ram on the occasion of Ramnavami. There was a huge tree on the way Rathyatra. Also there was a deep well close to the tree. The branches of the tree extended right over the mouth of the well. Shree Samarth Ramdas Swami realised that the time was ripe for Ambaji to experience a vision of God, and he created a situation accordingly.

Samarth Ramadas called Ambaji and said, “Do you see that branch extending right over the well? Can you climb up to it?”

“Sure, Gurudeva,” Ambaji replied.

Samarth Ramadas continued, “I want you to take a saw with you when you climb, and when you reach the branch, cut it off with the saw.”

Without the slightest hesitation, Ambaji tied his dhoti tightly, took a saw and started climbing. As he climbed, Ramadas shouted to him from below, “When you reach the branch, lean over it facing the trunk of the tree, and start cutting the branch.”

On hearing this, the other disciples started laughing amongst themselves. They thought that if Ambaji followed the Guru’s orders, there could be no greater fool than he in the whole world, for he would surely fall into the well. But Ambaji had no doubts in his mind. He called back, “As you wish, O Gurudeva.”

As Ambaji reached the branch and started sawing, Gurudev asked, “Ambaji, aren’t you afraid that you will fall into the well? The fall could kill you.”

“Not at all!” said Ambaji. “What dangers could possibly befall someone who has a great Satguru like you? Everything will be taken care of.” He continued sawing, and when he had cut halfway through the branch, the whole branch suddenly gave way, and with a huge crash, Ambaji fell into the well.

The road became free. Rathayatra started with joy.

The disciples became greatly perturbed and were sure that Ambaji must have died. As they were about to rush towards the well, Ramadas asked them to remain where they were and to sit calmly.

When Ambaji fell into the well, he prayed fervently to Lord Rama to grant him Divine darshan. As he reached the bottom, Lo! the Lord appeared before him in all His glory. All the water and the broken branch disappeared. He felt himself landing softly like a feather in the Lord’s arms. Beholding the Lord’s radiant form, he prostrated at His Lotus Feet, shedding tears of joy and gratitude. The Lord smiled at him, filling his heart with infinite love and grace.

After some time, Samath Ramadas asked his disciples to follow him to the well. Everyone was anxious to know about Ambaji’s condition. Gurudeva called down the well, “Ambaji, how are you?” Ambadas replied, “I am in bliss, O Guru!”

The disciples helped to pull Ambaji out of the well. Falling at his Guru’s feet, Ambaji cried, “O Satguru, it was you who made it possible for me to see the Lord. Your grace is boundless! How can I ever repay your love and grace?” On hearing Ambaji’s words, the other disciples were wonderstruck.

From that day Ambaji came to be known as Kalyan (auspicious one). He was one of the foremost disciples of Sri Samarth Ramadas. The faith and devotion of Ambaji towards his Guru is surely a great source of inspiration for all disciples who are seeking the Supreme Truth.

This incident happened at village Masur in district Satara of Maharashtra.


Disciple Kalyan’s obedience for his Guru

Many disciples have attained spiritual progress by displaying complete obedience to their Guru. Kalyan Swami was one such disciple. His original name was Ambaji. Once, a branch of a tree had grown over a well. Samarth Ramdas Swami told Ambaji to chop off this branch. There was danger of falling into the well while cutting this branch. However, without fearing about it, Ambaji obeyed the Guru and started to chop off the branch with an axe. Ambaji was so engrossed with the thought of obeying his Guru that he forgot about the danger of falling into the well. Soon the branch snapped and he fell into the well. Everyone was terrified. Samarth Ramdas Swami rushed towards the well, peeped into it and shouted, “Ambaji, kalyan aahe na (Ambaji, hope you are well) ?” (kalyan means well-being in Marathi)

​Ambaji replied, “Yes Swami, there is kalyan”

“Okay, then come up”, commanded Samarth. Ambaji climbed up the well and said that with Samarth’s grace he was alright. From that day onwards everyone, including Samarth Ramdas started to call him by the name ‘Kalyan’.


It is mentioned in old scriptures like ‘Dasvishramdhaam’ that Shree Kalyan Swami was ‘Yog-bhrashta‘ ascetic. प्राप्य पुण्यकृतां लोकानुषित्वा शाश्वती: समा:। शुचीनां श्रीमतां गेहे योगभ्रष्टोऽभिजायते॥41॥

Meaning:He who has fallen from yoga, obtains the higher worlds (heaven etc.) to which men of meritorious deeds alone are entitled, and having resided there for countless years, takes birth in the house of pious and wealthy men.

He was also well known as Yogi who performed numerous yoga exercises daily. Shree Kalyan Swami was called ‘Yogiraj’ by Ramdasi sect and devotees. His sketch is in ‘Yogmudra of Garbhasan‘ He practised 1200 Surynamaskar daily. Every day Shree Kalyan Swami brought water to bathe Shree Samarth Ramdas Swami from the river Urmodi in large copper pots. These copper pots are now at Sajjangad. His body was reportedly very strong. He wore garments such as kundals, bhasma and mudrika.

It was Shree Kalyan Swami ‘s custom to take his disciples apart and tell them the story of the Shree Samarth Ramdas Swami’s life,—a story that he could interpret better than most of the other disciples. Therefore, this large work of four published volumes has a flavour that is lacking in some of the other accounts, because it gives us the story of Samarth Ramdas Swami as remembered by his leading disciple.



Kalyan Swami died on Aashadh Shuddh Trayodashi in 1714 at Paranda district Dharashiv (Osmanabad). It is called Yoga-Antha (Samadhi by Yogic Power of oneself/by one’s own will) His funeral was held at Domgaon near Paranda. The ashes of Samarth Ramdas Swami and Kalyan Swami were mixed by Keshav Swami after his death.


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